About us

Hello, nice to meet you! This is our story.

Who we are

As a team, we've been spending more than a decade working in both large corporations and running nimble startups. Collectively, we've build startups, agencies, apps, both raised VC money and ran small side projects.

And we're super passionate about productivity.

We read every book there is about both personal productivity and team productivity, and we personally tried every conceivable method to do more while staying sane.

And this is the important part.

Anyone can spend every waking minute chasing a dream, but life is more than that.

It's about balance.

And over the years, we worked towards finding that balance.

Meaningful Pursuits is the result of this journey, of finding a good balance that makes us love what we're doing (such as running multiple projects) and having enough time for our families, hobbies and down time.

We hope it has the same impact for you as well.

What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.